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Official Rules Update


  • Added Colors to each Section
  • Added 2 new sections to Notes and Disclaimers
  • Added nudity to Section I
  • Added Forum Moderators to Section II-B
  • Created Section III-A: Staff Abuse
  • Created Section V: Illegitimate Title Credit (ITC)
  • Created Section VIII-D: Taking Advantage of Hacks


  • Ban Evasion (However, anyone banned for Ban Evasion before 11/30/16 will not be unbanned)


  • Revamped Staff Harassment to Section III-B
  • Revamped Section IV: Ban Appeals
  • Revamped Section IV-A Discussion of Bans/Banned Members
  • Revamped Section VIII-B: Glitch Abuse
  • Revamped Section VII-E: Cable Pulling/Force Lagging/Lag Switching/Force Disconnecting
  • Revamped Section VIII-F: Scamming
  • Revamped Section VIII-G: Account Sharing/Trading/Selling
  • Revamped Section IX: Real-Life Currency Trades/Cross Trading
  • Revamped Section IX-A: Buying Cards Through Players
  • Revamped Reporting Rulebreakers

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