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VoidEls Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is Void Elsword?
 A:  Void Elsword or VoidEls is the world's first international Elsword private server.




Q: How do I download & install Void Elsword?
 A:  1.) Go to our website, click the "DOWNLOAD" button and pick a mirror to download from.

2.) Once the "Install-VoidElsword.zip" has downloaded, right click and extract all files. Then run install.exe and go through the installation.


Q: What features does Void Elsword provide?
 A:  Besides recent retail content, we also provide higher rates, much cheaper El Coins (K-Ching), custom content that doesn't exist in any server or only in KR and much more.

Q: Where is Void Elsword hosted?
 A :  Void Elsword is currently hosted in 6 country relays.

Q: How do I play Void Elsword?
A: Register an account on our website, download and install the client from our website and enjoy!

Q: Is there any chance of Elsword's respective developers and/or publishers shutting this version down?
A: No. We have taken every precaution on international law, privacy, jurisdiction, security and many others to make sure it doesn't ever happen.
Our team has more than a decade of experience working with online games and private servers, we have fought many legal battles against publishers and developers and we have never lost.

Q: Who are the current Void Elsword GMs?
A: For a list of our current public staff, click [HERE].

Q: Does Void Elsword staff take community feedback and suggestions seriously?
A: Absolutely yes, as stated in our introduction thread, we are a community driven retail-like server. We take every single suggestion you submit under advisement.
If the Void Elsword community supports it and it gets the green light from the community managers and developers, it will be implemented.
Please do note that, we are not an official publisher so we can't get all of the content with a snap of our fingers. Some content is not possible to implement due to limitation of resources.

Q: How do I report a rulebreaker such as a hacker?
A: For the list of Void Elsword rules, penalties and guide on how to report rulebreakers - click [HERE].


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