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+10 Amulet

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It took me less than 5 fluorites to craft my first +9.


It took between 20 & 30 fluorites to craft my first +10.


My advice:

Instead of investing (guessed scroll prices) 1.5b - 2b on a +10 scroll, perhaps just invest in the actual fluorites themselves. I -guarantee- the chances of getting a +10 using fluorites is much higher than attempting to pull one from ice sculptures / void souls.

Some may say they've gotten +10's faster but the % chance to luck ratio is more in your favour using the fluorites. (Not to mention you'll save yourself quite a bit of money.) Exchanging fluorites for scrolls is just a silly a idea anyway, that would create a direct, a VERY direct, -pay to win- scenario.

It really varies on how lucky you are. I spent over 1b in fluorites and never got the +10 that I wanted. I cringed everytime someone successfully refined theirs to +10. While I'm stuck at 9. I just earned enough money to buy the scroll and got it over with. But it's all chance. Whether you take your money to ED burners, Fluorites, or the most heavy option of all, Earn enough ED and buy it.

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