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[4/24/15] Raid Cubes, Naeun, Speedburning & more

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Status: Online


Patch Notes
- Giant Boss Cube Updated (+ New Exchanges/Crafts)
- Hell Soul Identifier Updated
- Superstar Cube Updated
- Box Animation (Opening time)
- New Item Mall Arrivals

Giant Boss Cube Changes

The Eltrion's Energy Stone has been replaced with the Guardian Soul Shard (Bound) and the box will cost you 500,000 ED to open.
This change will work as a partial ED sink and because it's something we should have revamped from the beginning.

Giant Boss Cube Content




The Unrefined Weapon Cubes will give you an unrefined weapon for your specific character upon opening.

#Note: The Eltrion & Drabaki Unrefined Cubes have a low and random chance of getting +0~7 refinement







Exchanges/Crafts added to Naeun









Hell Soul Identifier


Superstar Cube


Box Animation

The following boxes have received the IB interface in order to allow fast burning.

#Note: It might only display the bonus item you get from the box visually, but you do receive both items in your inventory.

Field Boss Cube
Giant Boss Cube
Old Wooden Chest
Stained Copper Chest
Robust Steel Chest
Radiant Silver Chest
Valuable Gold Chest
Eye-Catching Jewellery Box
Ancient Wooden Cube
Ancient Copper Cube
Ancient Steel Cube
Ancient Silver Cube
Ancient Gold Cube
Ancient Jewellery Cube
[VoidEls] Apink Card Box #1
Secret Potion Random Cube
Compressed Darkness
Wonder Drug Cube


Item Mall Goodies


2014 NA Design Set



Spring Lolita (both colors)




IB Recolor Event



We have decided to extend the IB recolor event deadline to May 20th to give people enough time to complete their sets.



For more information on the event, read [HERE].

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