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GameGuard + Windows 7 32 Bit

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I'm not here to complain directly complain about Gameguard (as crappy as it might be) - rather, I'm curious as to if there are going to be some updates for GameGuard involving Windows 7 32 bit?...I put a topic on here earlier this month titled "Windows Critical Error", and for a while afterward I thought it was just a virus or something so I downloaded AVAST. Well, I tried playing again and got Void running but it was really, REALLY laggy - and I'm not a noob, I've played this game before with minimal to no lag. I thought it was my AV causing the lag so I turned it off. After I did so, I tried running Void again and I got the Critical Error warning, so I turned my AV BACK on, and got the warning a second time. I had my bro help me look stuff up, and from what I found out, it's GameGuard having an issue with Windows 7 32 Bit..This one website I looked up suggested I ask here if there are, or, are going to BE any updates to GG allowing 32 Bit?


tl&c;dr: Is there any fix, allowing GameGuard to run Win 7 32 Bit?

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